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Auctus Management Group Achieves Disability Confident Leader Status

Auctus Management Group have achieved Disability Confident Leader Status through The Disability Confident scheme, an initiative by the UK Government, specifically managed by the Department for Work & Pensions. It aims to help employers across the UK harness the potential of disabled individuals in the workplace. By joining this initiative, organisations can improve their inclusivity and diversity, benefiting from the vast array of talents disabled people bring to their teams.

Auctus Management Group’s Journey to Disability-Confident Leadership

Auctus Management Group Ltd and its subsidiary, RSS Infrastructure, proudly announce that they have attained the Level 3 status of ‘Disability Confident Leader,’ the highest accolade within the Disability Confident scheme. Since 2015, when the group first pledged as a ‘Disability Confident Committed’ employer, they have dedicated themselves to creating an inclusive environment. This commitment was highlighted through their unique Disability Confident training programmes that are mandatory for all new hires, including apprentices and contract workers, during their induction.

Supporting Disability Inclusion in Infrastructure

Recognising the challenges disabled individuals face in the infrastructure sector, which often involves safety-critical roles, Auctus Management Group has actively worked to reduce barriers and improve accessibility in recruitment. The company makes a concerted effort to advertise non-site-based roles clearly and provide necessary support to disabled employees, ensuring they thrive.

Progress and Recognition

Since becoming a recognised Disability Confident employer in 2015, Auctus Management Group has diversified its workforce and seen improvements in staff retention and development. The move to Level 3 status, or ‘Disability Confident Leader,’ means that the company now benefits internally and sets a standard for inclusion that influences other businesses and the community at large.

Commitment to Inclusive Practices

Dave Massingham, EDI Project Delivery Manager at Auctus Management Group, expressed his pride in the achievement. He emphasised the importance of inclusive policies and practices, ensuring no individual faces discrimination. As businesses increasingly focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion to attract and retain talent, demonstrating a commitment to a diverse workforce is a strategic and ethical choice.

Looking to the Future

The infrastructure sector is evolving with challenges such as an ageing workforce and the need for innovative employment strategies. Auctus Management Group is committed to continuing its efforts to integrate diversity and equality into its daily operations, ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for all employees.

Join the Disability Confident Scheme

For more information about the Disability Confident scheme and how your organisation can become involved, please visit the official website: Disability Confident Campaign.

What is the Disability Confident Scheme About?

The Disability Confident scheme encourages employers to go beyond mere compliance with anti-discrimination laws and proactively improve how they recruit, retain, and develop disabled employees. It’s designed to help businesses draw from a wider talent pool and foster a culture that includes everyone. Employers participating in the scheme can progress through levels, demonstrating their commitment to supporting disabled individuals in the workplace. This initiative not only benefits disabled workers but also enhances the operational effectiveness of businesses by fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Auctus Management Group offers various services to the infrastructure sector, such as Arboriculture, Civils & Construction, Geofencing, Rail Operations, Safety-Critical Resource, Signalling & Telecoms, Track Warning Services, and Welding. We can also provide specialised training for the infrastructure industry.

RSS Infrastructure, a provider of infrastructure solutions, is also a member of the group.

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