Fingerprint Drug Testing


Revolutionary Fingerprint Drug Testing Solutions

The fingerprint method marks a leap forward, replacing traditional invasive tests with a swift, clean fingerprinting technique, reflecting Auctus Management Group's dedication to pioneering employee-friendly safety solutions.
Fingerprint drug testing technology presents a non-invasive, hygienic solution for drug screening. Utilising fingerprints, it offers a dignified approach to testing, revolutionising the standard procedure and ensuring a swift but reliable result for both the administrator and the subject.

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Efficient Drug Screening for Diverse Sectors

Fast Results in the Office or Worksites
This cutting-edge fingerprint drug test delivers results within minutes, streamlining the drug screening process. It's ideal for various sectors, including office workplaces and worksites, enabling faster decision-making and reducing downtime associated with conventional drug testing methods.

Comprehensive Drug Use Insights

Accurate Detection and Simple Analysis
The technology provides accurate results and detects a wide range of drug groups. Easy to administer, it allows for immediate analysis with the portable reader, offering a comprehensive insight into drug use patterns. This allows Auctus Management Group to support clients in maintaining safety and compliance across operations.

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Want to discuss how we can provide your organisation with a fully managed testing service?
Leanda Waring, Delivery Manager, can help; whether you have questions, need guidance, or are ready to take the next step, Leanda is here to assist. Call 0330 113 0004 or email Let's collaborate to deliver a non-invasive, hygienic solution for drug screening in the workplace. We're here to help.
Our adoption of fingerprint drug testing technology underscores Auctus Management Group's commitment to innovative, respectful, and efficient safety practices in the workplace. We can support clients by managing the entire process on their behalf to ensure compliance.
Richard Toy

CEO, Auctus MG

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