Disability Confident Leader


Committed to inclusion and diversity

Becoming a Disability Confident Leader is not just about ticking a box or fulfilling some requirements; it’s about making a real commitment to becoming an inclusive employer that welcomes disabled people into its workforce.
It means understanding the issues disabled people face in the workplace and taking action to address them. Being a Disability Confident Leader also signals to your employees, customers, and other businesses that you are committed to inclusion and diversity. This can help to build trust and confidence in your organisation.
Three key steps

Challenge, Leadership, and Reporting

Challenge means having your self-assessment validated by someone who understands disability inclusion, agrees with your evidence and assessment, and confirms that you are delivering against all of the core actions as a Disability Confident Employer.
Leadership involves providing a narrative of the activities you have done or are doing in support of being a Disability Confident Leader.
Reporting on disability, mental health, and wellbeing means referring to the Voluntary Reporting Framework and recording and reporting on disability, mental health, and wellbeing in the workplace.

The benefits of being a Disability Confident Leader

1. Attract and retain the best talent from the broadest possible pool
2. Develop a more productive and skilled workforce
3. Improve your reputation and that of your sector
4. Enhance customer satisfaction
Once you have completed the actions and activities to become a Disability Confident Leader, you will be added to an online directory which showcases organisations that are making a real commitment to inclusion.
Our commitment to being a Disability Confident Leader is a key part of our inclusion and diversity strategy. It demonstrates our dedication to becoming an employer of choice for disabled people and helps us attract and retain the best talent.
Richard Toy

CEO & Co-Founder

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