Core Values

OUR values

Empowering People and Partnerships

Auctus Management Group is a company that recognises the broader impact of their work on the community. They prioritise safety and productivity, not only for their clients and employees but also for the wider society. They are committed to making a positive difference by engaging with people on and off-site, using their expertise to create lasting benefits for individuals, clients, partners, and sectors.


We value respect because it forms the foundation of our working relationships. We are open, honest, and transparent with each other while also supporting and looking out for one another. We work as "One Team."


Professionalism is important to us because it ensures the certainty of our safety and performance. By always doing what we say we will do, we become accountable. When you can trust and rely on us, we earn your respect.


Being inclusive is something we believe in because it encourages diversity and creates an environment where everyone's voice is heard. This leads to exceptional team performance where everyone feels valued and included.


We value partnerships because success is achieved through collaboration. By working together with our clients, suppliers, and colleagues, we can achieve great things collectively.

Pushing the Boundaries

We believe in pushing the boundaries because it drives us to continually improve. By embracing innovation and finding solutions to challenges, we can overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


Growth is important to us because we believe in having a positive mindset and creating an environment that fosters personal development. We aim to inspire and challenge ourselves and others to be the best version of ourselves and continuously grow.
We establish strong and long-standing relationships with all our partners. This is the foundation on which our culture, value and vision has been created.
Richard Toy

CEO & Co-Founder

Delivering Infrastructure Solutions for Rail, Civils and Utilities sectors

We support and maintain the UK's infrastructure by offering specialist services in the rail, civils, and utilities sectors. We take pride in playing a vital role in the safe transportation of people and goods across the country.
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