Disability Confident Leader status retained

Disability Confident Leader status retained

Auctus Management Group has successfully renewed its Disability Confident Leader status. Many people in the organisation helped pull together the evidence required to demonstrate that we meet the criteria, but the whole process was led by Sarah Scott, Group HR Manager.

The company demonstrated its commitment to providing an inclusive working environment by working with specialist organizations, making job advertisements accessible, and guaranteeing disabled employees will be offered interviews if they meet the qualifications. Employees are encouraged to contribute feedback so that Auctus can continue improving inclusivity.

Auctus’ status as a Disability Confident Leader conveys that the company is committed to being inclusive to disabled job seekers.

Some of the ways that we do this include the following:

  • Working with specialist organisations such as Job Centre Plus, BID, and Remploy for recruitment and work trials/placements
  • Making our job advertisements accessible and ensuring that they carry the statement outlining our commitment to equal opportunities
  • Guaranteeing that if a disabled person applies for a role and meets the person specification, they will be offered an interview
  • Ensuring that we look at reasonable adjustments if a disabled person is part of the selection process
  • Our website is accredited to the W3C Standard, has the accessibility plug-in, and hosts pages specifically about how we reach out to the disabled community and other minority groups
  • Encouraging employee engagement and the opportunity to talk about disability and other matters by way of initiatives such as Auctus Voice
  • Sending consistent messages regarding health, wellbeing, and mental health
  • Encouraging all staff to use the HR system to tell us if they have a disability so that we can ensure any reasonable adjustments are accommodated and that we can fully monitor diversity
  • Covering disability and other EDI-related matters in the Company induction and refresher training

Sarah Scott, Group HR Manager, commented, “Of course, the hard work doesn’t stop here; we must be able to show our continued commitment, and for this to be effective, we all must play a part. Managers should keep this in mind when hiring people, doing one-on-one interviews, giving inductions, letting team members attend training, or participating in engagement processes. Thank you for your ongoing support in making Auctus an inclusive workplace.”

Please click here to learn more about the Disability Confident scheme.

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RSS Infrastructure, a provider of infrastructure solutions, is also a member of the group.

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