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Talent Match names AMG ‘Employer of the Year’

Auctus Management Group (AMG) is proud to announce its accolade as ‘Employer of the Year’ for 2016/7 at the Talent Match Celebration Event. This event honoured the significant achievements of participants and highlighted the impact of the Birmingham and Solihull Talent Match Programme. As a key player in supporting young adults towards employment, Auctus Management Group’s dedication to this cause has been exemplary.

Understanding Talent Match: A Vital Initiative for Youth

Talent Match was a robust five-year investment programme designed to support long-term unemployed young adults aged 18-24 in the Birmingham and Solihull areas. Spearheaded by the BVSC and Solihull SUSTAiN and funded by the Big Lottery Fund, this initiative played a crucial role in transforming the lives of many young individuals by providing them with opportunities to gain meaningful employment and skills development. The programme has now concluded.

Auctus Management Group’s Contribution to Talent Match

Recognised for their significant contributions, Auctus Management Group was awarded ‘Employer of the Year’ for their continuous efforts to aid Talent Match in reaching its strategic goals. These goals included supporting 1,000 young adults, ensuring at least 50% of participants secured paid work experience for six months or more, and fostering a 70% improvement in skills, confidence, and self-perception through paid work and volunteering.

ATS Delivers Specialised Training

Initially operating as ATS, the training division of Auctus Management Group, later became known as INFRA Skills. This entity focused on delivering specialised training tailored for young people who had been unemployed for 12 months or longer. The courses equipped learners with essential skills and qualifications for the rail industry.

Note: In 2023, INFRA Skills was sold and is now owned and operated by RMF, continuing its legacy of training excellence.

Celebrating Individual Excellence: Matthew Thompson

During the Talent Match awards ceremony, Matthew Thompson, an Administrator at ATS, was honoured with the ‘Employee of the Year’ award. Matthew’s dedication to ensuring compliance with the rail sector’s stringent safety regulations significantly contributed to the Group’s ongoing commitment to Network Rail’s mandate of ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’.

RSS Infrastructure’s Role in Advancing Talent Match Goals

RSS Infrastructure, a leading provider of specialist railway services in the UK, has been instrumental in placing numerous Talent Match participants within teams across various UK sites. These Track Operatives have earned high praise for their adherence to safety protocols and their positive attitudes towards project completion, reinforcing the success of the Talent Match initiative.

The Future Outlook: Addressing Skills Gaps and Workforce Challenges

With major rail investment projects like HS2 and the Midland Metro expansion on the horizon and the industry facing significant challenges such as skills gaps and an ageing workforce, initiatives like Talent Match were more crucial than ever. They helped reduce unemployment and equip the sector with the necessary vital resources.


Auctus Management Group’s recognition at the Talent Match Celebration Event is a testament to its commitment to fostering employment opportunities and professional growth for young adults in the UK. Its efforts pave the way for the next generation of industry leaders and highlight the importance of targeted employment programmes in building a more skilled and sustainable workforce.

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RSS Infrastructure, a provider of infrastructure solutions, is also a member of the group.

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