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Magnetic Fencing increases workforce protection for Hochtief

Rail Safety Solutions Limited (RSS), a subsidiary of Auctus Management Group Limited, are helping to reduce the number of accidents and incidents that occur on-site each year by transforming the way in which the rail sector manages workforce safety. Hochtief, one of the largest international construction groups, have demonstrated their commitment to personnel track safety by deploying 220 metres of Magnetic Barrier fencing at their work-site in Wootton Bassett.

The Magnetic Barrier Fencing has been successfully utilised by Hochtief over a period of an initial 12 weeks. The product was such a success for the company in providing increased levels of safety, productivity and efficiency that they increased the hire period to 13 weeks.

The products revolutionary design includes a magnetic attachment that connects with the web of the rail, with no requirement to install any loose components or to remove or replace under track ballast, resulting in no danger of damaging signalling cables. With no requirement to dig underneath the ballast, the Magnetic ordering cialis Fencing reduces the levels of exposure to Silica dust and other pathogens.

This simple installation means that there is a lot less physical effort required to install the barrier which, in turn, significantly reduces possession times and/or mobilisation costs. This enables the fencing to be deployed and dismantled 20x faster than traditional methods, whilst providing the same level of protection that is currently available from other products on the market.

Once installed the barrier has no effect on track circuits or Axle counters and can be utilised during tamping and ballast cleaning enabling Hochtief’s workforce to continuously benefit from enhanced safety levels delivered by the fenced green-zones. The fencing can be installed under Lookout protection and has been certified by Network Rail for use on the UK’s rail infrastructure, apart from on the 3rd Rail, and is particularly well-suited to areas that contain Switches & Crossings (S&C).

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