Connect With Friends & Family For Brew Monday 2021 Press Release

Connect With Friends & Family For Brew Monday 2021

Brew Monday is an annual event hosted by The Samaritans on 18th January, the third Monday in January, which is usually known as ‘Blue Monday’.

2020 has been very stressful for most people, and has resulted in a dramatic increase in mental health issues around the world, regardless of age, gender or profession. The Samaritans aim to turn this day on its head and into something positive by encouraging people to get together over a warming ‘virtual cuppa’.

As a proud Mental Health First Aid England accredited business, the company encourages all staff and contractors to reach out to a friend, family member or colleague for a virtual cuppa and a chat. It doesn’t have to be a Monday or a cup of tea, just taking time to really listen to another person could help them work through what’s on their mind. ​

Because now more than ever, sharing a cuppa is more than a drink – it’s about reaching out, checking in and staying connected.


“In the UK, one in four adults will experience some sort of mental health issue in their lifetime”

– Network Rail’s ‘Safety Central’.


As part of ‘Brew Monday’ the companies are operating to help de-stigmatise the perceptions surrounding mental health. Those dealing with mental ill health can feel isolated, and the company wants to ensure there is always someone close by who can help. The realisation of this impact on workers has previously led to Auctus Management Group Ltd, a Mental Health First Aid England accredited business and parent company to RSS Infrastructure Ltd, a leading supplier of infrastructure services, and INFRA Skills Ltd, the UK’s premier safety critical and non-safety critical training provider, to design a series of mechanisms aimed at reducing fatigue and improving working conditions since 2018.

Mental Health issues can range from every day worries, to life-long conditions. Figures show that that 10% of men, and 25% of women are affected in ­­some way after a trauma, and there is an increased risk of developing a mental health condition as a result.


Here are a few ways you can connect virtually:

  • Group audio/video calling is available on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp (up to 4 people on a call) and Facebook messenger.
  • A phone call or conference call can work just as well for connecting with people, especially for those not comfortable on camera.

And don’t forget, if you use your virtual get-together to raise money for Samaritans, you’ll help give people having a tough time somewhere to turn when they need to talk. Just £5 can help The Samaritans answer a call for help.


For more information on the Samaritans, please visit:

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