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Barnetby’s Sidings Vegetation Removal

RSS INFRASTRUCTURE (RSS) Limited have been working alongside Colas Rail in order to remove various different types of vegetation species located on the Barnetby line.

The company undertook a pre-site visit in order to identify the scope of the works and identify potential hazards before deploying a dedicated clearance team. The contract began on the 19th September 2016 along the 4 number roads Siding’s which is adjacent to the MAC3 at 94m20ch and took around four days to complete. The team consisted of a Controller of Site Safety and Ground Operatives who removed the vegetation along the downside, which consisted mainly of Buddleia, Rowan Saplins and various other weed types. A defoliate was put in place to reduce future impact on the line and provide a hazard-free environment from which to operate allowing Colas Rail maintenance teams to begin work onsite.
Upon completion of the project the operatives worked to ensure that the worksite was cleared of all debris, tools, plant, equipment and all protection equipment. Moreover, a site inspection was carried out by the Works Supervisor to ensure that all potential hazards were removed as well as confirming that the site was in good order.

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