Driving Social Mobility and Social Inclusion in the Workplace Award

Auctus wins enei Social Mobility and Social Inclusion award

Auctus Management Group (AMG) have won the Driving Social Mobility and Social Inclusion in the Workplace award. The enei awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, 30 November 2022, at the Institute of Physics in Central London. Bid Writer Matthew Cardiff and Head of Business Development Monica Barbosa collected the award.

ENEI’s mission to place ‘diversity and inclusion at the centre of workplace culture,’ alongside the Government’s ‘Levelling-up’ agenda, continues to guide Auctus Management Group’s (AMG) approach to advancing social mobility/inclusion within our workforce.

AMG’s support in delivering these objectives led to the company being shortlisted for the ‘Driving Social Mobility and Social Inclusion in the Workplace’ as part of the ‘Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) awards.

AMG’s award submission recognised social mobility’s importance in revitalising communities and areas by upskilling and retraining residents. Through the awarding of this prestigious accolade, enei hopes to encourage and motivate more businesses to adopt such inclusive practices.

“As CEO of Auctus Management Group, I was very proud that we won the ENEI Driving Social Mobility and Social Inclusion in the Workplace award. As an organisation, we strive to take effective action to include and progress individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds into our workforce. We play an important role in improving social mobility and social inclusion in our local communities and the infrastructure sector.”

Richard Toy, CEO

Auctus Management Group (AMG) understands that people are an essential part of the success of any organisation. Businesses that lack trained and competent staff will stagnate and lag behind their competitors. Through a creative training programme, we provide opportunities and address skill shortages in the infrastructure sector.

AMG focuses on creating and producing tomorrow’s talent. Our training programme establishes the groundwork for successful careers or acquiring new skills and competencies that lead individuals away from low-level and low-paying work. We want to help people who lack confidence and self-belief achieve their goals.

The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei) Inclusivity Excellence Awards 2022 provided a platform for organisations to showcase and share their achievements in promoting and progressing workplace diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging. It was an opportunity to recognise all the teams and individuals within their organisations who are truly making a difference.

AMG will be featured in the enei awards brochure as a category winner.

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Auctus Management Group offers various services to the infrastructure sector, such as Arboriculture, Civils & Construction, Geofencing, Rail Operations, Safety-Critical Resource, Signalling & Telecoms, Track Warning Services, and Welding. We can also provide specialised training for the infrastructure industry.

RSS Infrastructure, a provider of infrastructure solutions, is also a member of the group.

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