Infrastructure Induction Programme Success for Auctus Management Group

25,000 Strong: Auctus Celebrates Induction Programme Success

Auctus celebrates induction programme success as we spotlight a significant accomplishment: the induction of 25,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds onto the UK’s largest infrastructure project. This isn’t just a number but a testament to innovation, dedication, and the significance of training in shaping a proficient workforce.

At the heart of this achievement is Auctus Management Group, which manages the Infrastructure Induction Programme on behalf of the client. Working closely with the client, Auctus ensures that the induction process remains agile and reflects feedback and the project’s evolving needs.

Induction is the first step to ensuring a project’s success, and I am immensely proud of our induction team’s unwavering dedication and professionalism. Our partnership with the client has been nothing short of exemplary, and by working together, we’ve set a gold standard in delivering Induction Programme success. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when two committed businesses come together with a shared vision.”

Richard Toy, CEO of Auctus Management Group

Innovative Induction Programme Strategies

Under the guidance of Auctus Management Group and in partnership with the client, several ground-breaking methods have been introduced within the Infrastructure Induction Programme:

  • Fingerprint Drug Testing: With the client’s approval, Auctus introduced the pioneering fingerprint drug testing method, streamlining the drug screening process while maintaining impeccable accuracy.
  • Biometric Data Machines: To enhance security and access management, the client installs biometric data machines on all their worksites. One unit was installed at the centre to ensure every inductee had authorised access to all the client worksites before leaving the induction, underscoring our commitment to safety and security.
  • Comprehensive Induction Process: The induction isn’t merely procedural. It’s an in-depth learning journey punctuated with questions to validate understanding and assess the knowledge depth of inductees. This ensures every individual is well-informed and genuinely grasps the project’s intricacies.
  • Dedicated Induction Centre: Recognising the magnitude of the induction endeavour, a dedicated centre was established. Thoughtfully designed, it efficiently manages the flow of inductees, minimising waiting times and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Continuous Improvement and Collaboration

Auctus Management Group and the client collaborate closely, regularly reviewing and refining the Infrastructure Induction Programme. Feedback is actively sought, and adjustments are made to align with the project’s progress and evolving needs.

Induction Programme Success Continues

The induction of 25,000 professionals onto the UK’s largest infrastructure project in less than three years, managed by Auctus Management Group, is not just an achievement; it symbolises collective dedication, innovation, and the transformative power of collaboration. Here’s to our remarkable journey with our valued client and to the milestones ahead.

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If you are interested in discussing your Infrastructure Induction Programme requirements with one of our team, we would be delighted to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact Leanda Waring, our Induction Centre Delivery Manager, with your initial inquiry via phone at 0330 113 0004 or email at

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