April is Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness about the impact of chronic stress on our mental and physical health. At Auctus Management Group, we care about our employees’ mental health and wellbeing, and we want everyone to come to work feeling healthy, happy and motivated.

Signs of Stress

While some stress can be beneficial, too much stress over a prolonged period can affect our overall health and wellbeing. Some signs of stress include poor judgment and inability to concentrate, frustration and irritability, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, isolation from others, demotivation, and physical symptoms like a faster heartbeat and high blood pressure.

Dr Naomi Humber, Head of Mental Wellbeing at Bupa Health Clinics, says, “Good stress motivates us to take action, increases our focus and helps improve our performance. However, sustained and excessive amounts of stress can harm our health.”

Managing Stress Levels

Fortunately, there are many ways we can manage our stress levels. Dr. Humber recommends keeping fit, looking after our diet, and making sure we rest and relax. Speaking with a healthcare professional, such as a GP, is recommended if necessary. Talking to family or friends about what we are experiencing can also be helpful.

At Auctus Management Group, we offer services to support our employees’ mental wellbeing. Speak with Sarah Scott or Jenn Byrne from HR to see what’s available.

Useful Online Resources

Many resources are available online to help manage stress and improve mental health. Bupa’s website has a wealth of advice, information, and resources to help get you back to a better place. You can also find support at Mind, Samaritans, or the Mental Health Foundation.

Introduction to Mindfulness

We’re excited to announce that on 27th April, Auctus Management Group will be running an Introduction to Mindfulness session with Matt Dix, a fully qualified Mindfulness Practitioner. Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach that can help us to be more present and aware of our thoughts and feelings, reducing stress and improving mental clarity. Matt will be showing us techniques we can use daily to help manage stress and anxiety and improve our overall health and wellbeing. This session will be valuable for all our employees, and we look forward to learning from Matt’s expertise.


In conclusion, stress can significantly impact our mental and physical health, and managing our stress levels effectively is essential. At Auctus Management Group, we care about our employees’ mental wellbeing and offer various services to support them. Remember to take care of yourself, and don’t hesitate to seek help if you need it. Together, we can make April Stress Awareness Month a time to reflect, learn, and take action to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

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