Adam Hurren Case Study

Adam Hurren Case Study

In this Case Study we speak to Adam Hurren, an NSAR Certified PTS Trainer for INFRA Skills, as he discussed his time in the Royal Navy, getting started in the rail sector with RSS Infrastructure Ltd, gaining his PTS with INFRA Skills and his current job roles.

Hello Adam Hurren, what were you doing before you started working at INFRA Skills?

“After I left school, I enlisted in the Royal Navy and became a ‘Warfare Specialist’, with my main duties and responsibilities revolving around the Radar and Gunner systems. During my time in the services, I had the honour of representing the Royal Navy Sports Teams, and played Football, Golf and Basketball. My most notably achievement was my time with the Basketball team, where I played at the National Level (GB), for the combined services team in the UK and in the USA. I also gained qualifications and experience to coach for 3 years, and still continue to play Basketball at a Semi-Pro level.

Once I left the Royal Navy, I looked for a new challenge in the rail/civils sector, at the time my older brother Gavin Hurren worked for RSS Infrastructure Ltd (previously known as Rail Safety Solutions Ltd) in the Resourcing Department and he got me my first opportunity with the company doing Security shifts. After a little time, I got asked to gain my PTS competency and then work more shifts on track, this was 10 years ago, and I feel I have accomplished a lot in my rail career. More recently I moved over to INFRA Skills and have partaken in various training courses to expand my qualifications and skills, I have been a Lookout, COSS, ES, OLEC 1/2/3, OLEC Supervisor and as of last year I am now a NSAR accredited Trainer, and it all start from getting my PTS through INFRA Skills Ltd (previously known as Auctus Training Solutions Ltd)”.

Have you ever worked in the rail/civils sectors before working at INFRA Skills?

“For the past 10 years, I have done nothing but railway. In saying this, I have learnt a lot by my experiences and work mates over these years. I don’t think that any other industry requires as many sacrifices and dedication than the rail workers. In my opinion, railway people are just built different…”

What is your job role and responsibilities at INFRA Skills?

As I mentioned before, with INFRA Skills I am a NSAR qualified PTS Trainer, but as of recently I have also become an Induction Presenter at the BBV Induction Centre. I have been the Lead Presenter for almost a year now, and I was an integral member of setting up the Induction Centre and the Induction Course, that all people must pass when working on the Area North section of the HS2 projects. My philosophy when presenting the BBV inductions is to make them as fun and engaging as possible, but most importantly to inform all people, from Security personnel to Project Managers, how HS2 is the biggest construction project in the UK, and they are all playing a vital part of contributing to its legacy.

What are your plans for the future, and how will working at INFRA Skills help with these plans?

“In the future, I hope to become an IQA Manager, I know this will require a lot of training to become an Assessor, and then afterwards gaining an IV qualification. But going down this avenue will help me understand everything I need to know about running and maintaining a successful training provider business, which is an area I am very interested in pursuing”.


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